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Securities And Financing

Empowering Your Business Growth: Comprehensive Financing And Securities Expertise You Can Trust

Securities and financing can trigger SEC regulations. The repercussions if something is completed incorrectly can destroy everything you’ve built. Leave investment in to your company to our professional securities and financing attorneys.


Experienced Financing and Securities Guidance


Tailored Securities Solutions


Ensuring Longevity for New and Established Businesses.

Financial Services

Navigate the complexities of business legality with confidence. Our expert attorneys offer tailored solutions, ensuring your business thrives from inception and beyond.

Employee Compensation Plans

Our approach to employee compensation plans is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of both the business landscape and individual organizational dynamics.

Retain Valuable Employees

Private Placements

We ensure a seamless transaction process, focusing on both regulatory compliance and the best interests of your company.

Navigating Compliance

Sale of Equity or Debt

Whether it’s a strategic pivot or a move to release capital, the sale of equity or debt is a significant decision for any business.

Strategic Valuations

Get the Guidance You Need

Whether you are providing compensation plans like a phantom stock or differed compensation to your employees, or selling equity or debt through your company, one mistake could devastate your business.

Civil fines for SEC violations can be well over $150,000 for the individual, and as high as $775,000 for the company for each violation. The simple fact is that one misstep could easily cost you or your business millions in fines, if not hundreds of thousands in legal fees.* That is why it is so important to seek knowledgeable securities and financing attorneys from the start.


Who This is For.

New Business Owners

New business owners are at a huge risk of disputes and litigation, whether from a business ownership dispute, or a gap or oversight in one of their contracts. With limited resources, you have to feel confident in your legal representation that they can get you the best results as quickly as possible.

Existing Business Owners

If you’ve been operating for awhile, you know legal issues can come out of nowhere, and often when you’re the least prepared. Retaining an experienced commercial litigation attorney can make all the difference when it comes to final numbers with fees and settlements, or judgments.


How can Forward Law Firm assist in resolving contract disputes outside of court?2023-10-19T20:44:32+00:00

Forward Law Firm explores alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration, to resolve contract disputes efficiently and cost-effectively. We work towards finding amicable resolutions while protecting your business’s interests.

What steps can my business take if a party breaches a contract?2023-10-30T17:37:03+00:00

If a party breaches a contract, Forward Law Firm can guide you through the necessary legal procedures. We help assess the situation, explore potential remedies, and, if needed, represent your business in legal proceedings to seek appropriate remedies for the breach.

Can Forward Law Firm assist in negotiating contract terms with other parties?2023-10-19T20:43:45+00:00

Yes, Forward Law Firm can provide negotiation support to help you secure favorable terms in your contracts. While we cannot guarantee specific outcomes, we use our expertise to advocate for your interests during negotiations.

How does Forward Law Firm ensure contracts comply with applicable laws and regulations?2023-10-19T20:43:27+00:00

Our experienced attorneys at Forward Law Firm stay updated with the latest laws and regulations affecting various industries. We ensure that the contracts we draft and review are in compliance with relevant legal requirements, protecting your business from potential legal risks.

What types of contracts can Forward Law Firm assist in drafting and reviewing?2023-10-19T20:41:47+00:00

Forward Law Firm assists in drafting and reviewing a wide array of contracts, including sales agreements, service contracts, vendor agreements, partnership agreements, and employment contracts. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your business.

Why is professional contract drafting important for my business?2023-10-19T20:41:25+00:00

Professional contract drafting is essential to clearly outline the rights and obligations of parties involved. Well-drafted contracts can prevent misunderstandings, protect your interests, and provide a solid legal foundation for your business transactions.

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