Contract Attorneys.

Businesses have all kinds of contracts from a number of areas. Whether you need a contract drafted or a contract reviewed, our experienced contract attorneys are ready to assist. 

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Main Areas.

Customer Contracts

There's quite a few ways to protect yourself through contracts with your customers. Whether thats a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy or a Customer Agreement, we have a solution.

Vendor Contracts

Vendor contracts can have a number of provisions that can help or hurt you. We're here to help you point those provisions out and add them if needed. 

Employee Contracts

Employees can be a huge area for risk within your business. Between independent contractor agreements or employment agreements and handbooks, we have a solution. 

Other Agreements 

We have experience with a vast variety of business contracts in our over 30 years of combined experience. Let us know if you need a type of contract reviewed. If we can't help, we'll give you a name of someone who can. 

Risk Exists Everywhere

As a business owner, risk can be found virtually everywhere. Statistically, anywhere between 35% -53% of small businesses are engaged in at least one case over the course of a year. At any time, 90% of all businesses are engaged in litigation.*

Litigation is expensive, and can deeply harm the longevity of your business. For any given case, regardless of the outcome, attorney's fees start at tens of thousands, if not hundreds. 

That's why it is so important for your contracts to cover all of these areas and eventualities. Avoiding litigation is a main tenet of our firm's beliefs. By hiring our experienced contract attorneys, you can spend more time worrying about growing your business, and less worrying about potential risk. 

How it Works.

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The Start

First, you speak with our Business Development Team. During that conversation, the representative will learn more about your business, you needs, and determine how our attorneys can best assist you. They'll create a custom quote for you and collect the appropriate deposit. 


You are fully protected by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If, for any reason, after meeting with our attorneys in the kickoff meeting, you do not wish to continue with our services or we advise you that your matter is not in your best interest to pursue, we will immediately process a full refund of any deposit or fees paid. 

Who This is For.

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New Business Owners 

The earlier we can help new business owners protect their business, the stronger those protections can be. New business owners are more exposed to legal threats and have a range of options to consider. 

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Established Business Owners

Even if you've been operating for awhile, you could benefit from reviewing your contracts, and making sure everything is consistent with your operations. 

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What They Say.

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Jared helped my wife and I with a business and real estate transaction after he was recommended by author/lawyer Joel Ankney.

He showed a strong commitment and ability to adapt throughout the process. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal assistance.

Austin P.

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After researching many of the Business Law firms in Orlando, we ultimately selected Forward Law to represent us. I had confirmation this was the right choice when one of our investors indicated that their attorney felt our Offering Documents were among the most through they had ever seen. You should get what you pay for and we certainly did. I highly recommend you have them at your side.

Jeff W. 

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From start to finish Forward Law Firm was a pleasure to work with. The entire team that assisted us were top notch. I highly recommend this firm.

Danny T.

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Forward Law is amazing, used them for some business and personal matters. Very responsive, attentive and professional.

Betty S. 


How much does it cost? 

We offer the vast majority of our contract reviews and drafting on a flat fee basis, but it can vary depending on your needs and the contract length. Let our business development team know if you have a contract you need reviewed or drafted and they will work with you to provide a quote. 

Why should I hire a lawyer when I can do it myself online for a fraction of the cost?

Despite companies using the word "legal," there's not a whole lot of legal to it. The few questions those services may ask, and even fewer documents they provide, likely won't cover all of the intricacies of your business, your growth plans, or set you off on the right foot with your business relationships. Not only does using an attorney provide a professional backdrop for investment, employment and beyond, but having well-drafted contracts can help avoid dreaded litigation down the road. 

What we often see are clients who initially used some of these DIY services coming to us shortly after opening, generally with some sort of issue, whether it be between owners, employees or vendors. This situation can be catastrophic to the business. Making the investment in having well-thought out, protective agreements prior to these issues can save a lot of time, money, and headache. 

Why do you require deposits?

Simply put, we want to be a transparent as possible with our pricing. The deposits we take generally reflect either the full cost of the service for flat fees, or a the first section of the project for hourly fees. This means that our potential clients have a good understanding of the fees associated before the service even starts. Additionally, requiring these deposits allows our attorneys more time to focus on client work, and provide that extra meeting, or work ahead of schedule. 

We still understand how it can be intimidating to hire an attorney without meeting them first. That's why we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you do not wish to continue with our services after the first meeting with the attorney for any reason, or our attorneys inform you that your matter may not be worth pursuing, we will provide a full refund. 

Simple and Easy.

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