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How our mission became helping one million entrepreneurs create success-driven organizations.

Our founder, Phil Calandrino, grew up in the Midwest. His dad owned a small architectural firm. His mom owned a florist shop at the local mall. He learned a lot of things from his parents at the kitchen table about being a business owner. Even when things were going well, they always had to worry about legal problems cropping up.

Phil's uncle was a respected lawyer in town. One day, when he was still a very young boy, he saw a man hugging and thanking his uncle for helping him. Phil knew that day he wanted to be an attorney just like him.

After graduating with a business degree from George Washington University, Phil entered Indiana University School of Law with a plan to build a law firm that would be focused solely on helping entrepreneurs like his parents, start, grow, and protect their businesses. After twenty-plus years of handling thousands of business transactions and disputes, he developed a method for entrepreneurs to get the structure, knowledge, and services they need to overcome the fear of being labeled a failure.

We call it building a success-driven organization.