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Phil Calandrino of Forward Law Firm

"My take on business has always been driven by entrepreneurship: the do it yourself approach. It’s something that stems from my parents. My father, Phil, started his very own architectural and engineering firm back in the ’60s, and by the next decade my mother — Jo-Ann — launched her flower shop and went on to manage and operate over half a dozen shops before retiring in 2015. Seeing their success in their respective ventures fueled my interest to create what we know today as Forward Law Firm. The second fold to the story is that I started my firm to also help business owners like my parents with their legal matters. Through helping my parents navigate the complexities of their commercial lease, business formation, and other legal documents, I’ve developed a passion for helping others do the same."

-Phil Calandrino, Founding Attorney and CEO

Our Team.

Our Orlando based business law firm has been around since 1998. Whatever problem your business is facing, know our firm has probably helped someone in the exact same position face it before. 

Photo of Phil Calandrino - Forward Law Firm
Phil Calandrino

CEO and Lead Attorney

Photo of Jared Mangum - Forward Law Firm
Jared Mangum

Associate Attorney

Photo of Andy Brown - Forward Law Firm
Andy Brown

Business Development

Photo of Rebecca Wilbur - Forward Law Firm
Rebecca Wilbur

Executive Assistant

Photo of Natalie - Forward Law Firm
Natalie Ciocca

Marketing and IT

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