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Our Philosophy: Preventive Law

Don't Let Legal Issues Slow Your Growth

We live in the world's most litigious society. Entrepreneurs and companies are targets. It has become far too risky and expensive for them to react to legal problems. They must be able predict and prevent them instead.


Doing this economically, in a company with no legal department, is no easy task.


Until now.


Based on more than 20 years experience in corporate law and litigation, our firm has developed a system designed for companies without legal departments to better predict and prevent legal problems.
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Our mission is to help all entrepreneurs succeed in business by creating a preventive law culture at their companies.
Why? Because we live in the world's most litigious society. And entrepreneurs and companies are prime targets. Therefore, it is far too risky and expensive for them to react to legal problems.
Instead, they must be able to predict and prevent legal problems. This better positions them to take advantage of new opportunities before their competitors.
But, for companies without an in-house legal department, it has been prohibitively expensive and difficult to do this effectively.


Until now...
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What We Do: Practical Legal Solutions

Get Your Company's Legal Right

Services that fit the needs and budgets of startups and emergent businesses.

  • 01 Business Formations
  • 02 Intellectual Property
  • 03 Labor and Employment
  • 04 Customers and E-Commerce
  • 05 Suppliers and Vendors
  • 06 Investors and Fundraising
  • 07 Commercial Real Estate
  • 08 Asset Protection
  • 09 Estate and Succession Planning
  • 10 Business Purchases and Sales
  • 11 Franchising
  • 12 Business Disputes and Litigation

Business Formations

Get virtually everything you need to open for business quickly with the right kind of entity, formed in the optimal jurisdiction, using the correct tax elections.

Intellectual Property

Protect your most valuable brand assets, trade secrets, and confidential information with agreements, trademarks, copyrights, etc.

Labor and Employment

Attract better talent with properly documented incentives, navigate the minefield of fair labor regulations and wage-and-hour claims, onboard and terminate employees correctly, and protect against future solicitation, disparagement, and competition.

Customers and E-Commerce

Whether you are a startup or rapidly expanding company, you must comply with advertising, sales, pricing, tax, and consumer protection laws while having contracts and protocols in place that are designed to reduce the incidence of customer lawsuits.

Suppliers and Vendors

Get better terms, avoid surprise auto-renewals and expirations, and be sure the fine print is unlikely to come back to haunt you.

Investors and Fundraising

Comply with securities regulations or qualify for an exemption in making private placements and other capital fundraising activities.


Commercial Real Estate

Buy, sell, or lease property with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we've sifted through every detail.


Asset Protection

Don't be an easy target for lawsuits. Keep valuable personal and business assets out of the reach of claimants and creditors.

Estate and Succession Planning

Plan for unexpected factors disrupting leadership and prepare for an eventual handoff to the next generation.


Make sure your shares and other business holdings will pass to your spouse and descendants in the way you expect.

Business Purchases and Sales

Whether you're buying or selling, entering a joint venture, or merging, take advantage of all available market intelligence and have experienced dealmakers in your corner.


Get the most out of your brand value without getting buried in paperwork and billing statements.

Business Disputes and Litigation

Achieve your case objectives on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to your business.

How We Work: Efficiency through Process

Delivering Results

Chasing success without a plan is a pointless endeavor. So we implemented a process-oriented, methodology for all our work projects.

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Completion

Stage One: Initiation

At the outset, we take time to pinpoint what issue the project is actually supposed to fix, who your key stakeholders and contributors are, the desired outcome, and a reasonable budget.

Stage Two: Planning

To keep projects on track toward completion of a well-defined goal, we break down work into a structure of tasks and milestones. We are then able to communicate what resources–people, time, and money–we will need for the project and how long the project will take to complete.

Stage Three: Execution

We enter the tasks and milestones created in the planning phase into our project management system. The project lead monitors and controls the process in an effort to keep things on deadline and within budget constrains. We give our clients updates after each progress meeting.

Stage Four: Completion

In closing out a project, our team meets with the key stakeholders to get consensus that the project goal or desired outcome has been achieved. We then internally conduct a meeting to discuss lessons learned to work better together as a team and with our clients on each new project that follows.

What Our Clients Say

Client Experience to the Max

There's a good reason why we have so many great reviews. It's important to us that our clients have an exceptional experience in every possible way. That means our firm isn't just about delivering exceptional work product on time and within budget. We are also available, approachable, and always appreciative.

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